Dr. François Alesch

Professor for Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery

Neurosurgical Teleconsultation

Dear patient,

COVID-19 hit us all entirely unexpectedly. Limitations that have massively changed our lives popped up. At the beginning of the crisis, medical care changed in many places to provide resources for corona patients' care. In principle, that was correct and understandable, but unfortunately, the rest of the medical care suffered. Patients were suddenly afraid of going to the doctor; they shied away from the hurdles that came with it. Long waiting times, security checks, fever measurements, disinfection. All complex processes. These significantly affected the elderly and less mobile persons. Later, the mask requirement came also. Although this rule makes sense, it is an additional burden. Even today, more than six months after the crisis erupted, seeing a doctor is still complicated.

Teleconferencing systems have been booming in professional life since the beginning of the crisis. Homeworking, home teaching, or only business meetings became routine. No more complex and time-consuming costly journeys, just one click and everyone is sitting together at the round table.

Meanwhile, this development has also found its way into medicine: telemedicine or, in individual cases, teleconsultation.

In the future, I would also like to offer my patients the opportunity to communicate with me via the Zoom Conference, similar to a classic doctor's visit. Alesch.net gives you this possibility. You can make an appointment here as well as upload your findings and then communicate with me punctually at the agreed time. All that without a physical doctor's visit, quite easily from home, as in the past with traditional house visits. Another person is welcome to join in. Wherever this person is. Additional time losses, such as those that occur during a classic doctor's visit, are thus eliminated, especially for relatives. If need is, we can even ask a translator to join our consultation.

Of course, teleconsultation does not replace the classic doctor's visit; it complements it. Both, before and after. It can also be beneficial to receive information or advice at short notice or to prepare for a subsequent physical visit to the doctor. Teleconsultation is particularly suitable for follow-up checks or discussions of findings. At your (expressed) request, you can also have a video recording of the consultation's relevant parts.

Alesch.net is currently in trial operation, and I look forward to your feedback.

I look forward to our next teleconsultation.

I am very grateful for any hints, criticism, or suggestions!


François Alesch